The Team: Rafael Rizuto, Amani Duncan, Kasia Canning, Estefanio Holtz, Yohan Daver, Sapna Ahluwalia, Hernan Ibanez, Melissa Cahoon, Karley Edwards, Madeline Birkhold, Timanni Walker, Victoria Neal, Luis Tapia, Yuan Guo, Sam Petersson, Chris Ribeiro-Totzke, Yamoaa Gyimah, Beiyi He, Daniella Vargas, Jonathan Toto, Miranda Baylor, and my partner in crime, Jesse Custodio.
Director: Charles ‘Chas’ Todd
Production: Scheme Engine
Role: Concept / Art Direction

We were briefed to give a fresh touch to continue the platform Google Black-Owned Friday for it’s third year.

We landed on “It’s your choice to make everyday Black-Owned Friday” and created an interactive video where every product appeared throughout your choices are shoppable.

Experience the full version here.

Case Video

Non-Interactive Video

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